miércoles, febrero 06, 2008

Tolosa's Carnival

During this weekend in many cities and town Carnival has been celebrated, one event that here in San Sebastian has a lot of success.

Year after year in the last time, the event of Carnival has played a big role and, more and more, many people decide to dress themselves up and go out to enjoy the atmosphere everywhere, but, to tell the truth, apart from the kids, years before, it was difficult to come across somebody dressed during the night.

There’s no doubt that those who actually want to dress up during Carnival in San Sebastian must approach to Tolosa, (town 30 km far from San Sebastian) where its carnival they have is spectacular.

Last years, I have not been able to be there, but There have been a lot of years in which the gang has moved to Tolosa to enjoy those wonderful parties as a typical classic in our “Parties Calendar”.

In My mind, that unforgettable night in company with Javi and Santi we finished dancing on a Ford Escort going through the streets like a Carnival carriage.

I hope you have enjoyed as you should this party because, as I have mentioned, It is a little petty here in San Sebastian, despite more and more, it wins supporters year after year.

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