miércoles, enero 16, 2008

Donosti's Day

In couple of weeks, one of the most expected dates for Donosti’s people is arriving, the famous San Sebastian Day.

Probably, it’s one of these days with an enormous atmosphere all round the city, taking into account that Santo Tomas Day has left us one month ago. However, I’ve got no doubts this is the most expected and celebrated by all the Donosti’s Inhabitants.

Tradition is to meet your friend’s gang (called “cuadrilla”) or the family the night of 19th and having dinner. Years before was typical of this dinner to eat small eels, but it has become in a whim of the wealthy people. The rest must resign with other kind of seafood.

The most traditionalist have dinner in the so famous called “Sociedades Gastronómicas”, but I can ensure that it’s no easy to get a booking in them during these dates in one of so many dinners organized all round the city by Donosti People.

The rest meet at home o in any a restaurant, nevertheless, those who go dinner to a restaurant must be ready to pay a good bill because, it’s known by everybody that Donosti dinners are not Cheap.

Moreover, at midnight, everybody goes to the Constitution Square to see the raising of the City’s Flag with the sound of the drums and barrels of the Company “Gaztelubide”, Tamborrada that plays the lyrics of the San Sebastian Day, or laziest watch it on TV.

This Tamborrada Band is the official, but every corner of the city is filled of from other “Sociedades”, hotels, different associations and so on.

Many of my friends are to march in this kind of Tamborrada, Iker, Ivan, Cesar, Oskar, Asier, Javi, Luisma and more.

Despite I enjoy the party a lot; I don’t participate too much in this kind of events, because normally I have to work during the broadcasting of the celebrations in the streets

To tell the truth this is one of the parties, including its hangover, most important you can enjoy in San Sebastian.

The following Day is typical to spend the morning seeing the Tamborrada of the youngest actors, the Kids, till midday, However, those recovered of the party did during the night can wait and go directly to see how is lowed the flag of the city ( One of the symbols of the celebration) during the latest minutes of the 20th.

We will see how everything runs during the Eve, working most probably by my side, but I will try to get some photos and publish them afterwards.

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